Emma Simons, CEO of Nox Ent and blogger for Owning 30

“Some people are like trees, they take forever to grow up”

I’m hurtling towards my mid 30’s and I don’t have a baby, don’t own a property and did not spend the last 15years building a solid, well paid career in an incredibly grown up sector (cue canned gasp and horror). Instead I’ve been attempting to travel the world, transitioning from one measly paid TV production project to another, and setting up my own company from scratch Nox Entertainment

Emma visits the Middle East
Emma visits the Middle East

So am I foolish, or simply a late bloomer?

Let’s initially tackle that hugely divisive topic of babies. Yes I get it’s wonderful to create another you, but a huge part of me is still stuck on the negatives – dirty nappies, screaming hourly awakenings, the ban on adventurous holidays for the early years at least…. Truthfully, I don’t know if women are ever ready to accept that total life overhaul, whatever their age, but I hope most feel able to claw back at least a partial sense of identity. It’s a mixed bag in my experience, with some simply giving in to an all encompassing ‘stay at home mother’ role, but I cling to the women quickly returning to the fulfilling professional and social lifestyle that preceded their “little bundle of joy.”

Career is the next hot topic. In our 20’s, all us girls seemed to be on an even playing field. Fresh out of education, we were all starting at the bottom rung as Assistants/Juniors/Interns, trying our best to get noticed and impress the boss.

As my group of friends turned 30, some surged ahead, becoming partners in law firms and financial institutions, qualifying as fully-fledged doctors, with one school friend even being elected to Parliament! Meanwhile, I for certain felt left behind as my TV career inched forward at a snails pace with equally laughable pay rises (I’d be lucky to get £50 extra per week with each promotion). I was not given the travel opportunities I yearned for like many friends, who between them, have relocated to every corner of the globe. I have now setup my own company offering music, filming and photography, so am hoping this will provide all the career opportunities that have so far alluded me.IMG_0665

Last topic of this post is another tree related phrase – roots. I have never lived in another country, in particular the one I have a teensy little obsession with, the good old US of A. Other than a 3year university stint in Bristol, I have always resided within 15 miles of my North London childhood home. To some this could provide a wonderfully secure identity, but to me, it just screams ‘bubble’. Don’t get me wrong, I live in one of the world’s best cities and am so incredibly lucky to have a close, extended family just 30minutes drive away. However, my belief is that immersing yourself in a completely alien culture (holidays don’t count), and building a life of your own away from the comfort factor, must be one of the best senses of achievement. I don’t want to look back with regret, as I’m blogging for ‘Owning 70’, never having practiced what I preach.

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